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Delilah Sleeve Dress – Romance The Label
When you slip into the Gorgeous Floral lace dress by Romance The Label, featuring long sleeves and a fitted bodice, an incredible sense of euphoria washes over you. The intricate lace delicately embraces your body, transforming you into a vision of pure elegance and grace. The exquisite floral patterns and meticulous details, characteristic of Romance The Label's designs, enhance your femininity, leaving you feeling breathtakingly beautiful. Whether you're attending a glamorous event, celebrating a wedding, or experiencing a special occasion, this dress from Romance The Label elevates the atmosphere, exuding charm and sophistication. You revel in the sheer delight of wearing this ensemble, embracing the enchantment and splendor meticulously crafted by Romance The Label.
Available in the following Colours:
Navy Print
Available in the Following Sizes:
Maxi Dress Floral Print Long Sleeve